Month: February 2013

The items for the Necromancer have to be specific

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The items for the Necromancer have to be specific, as his Strength will be strained and limited in expendable points. This is done to maximize Life. Character Items Head: Harlequin Crest Armor: Enigma Shield: Boneflame Or Homunculus Weapon: Heart of the Oak Secondary Weapon: Call to Arms Secondary Shield: Spirit Rune Word Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope ….  Read More

The Diablo 3 magician Key Features

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Key Features Destruction magic range attack battlefield will be summoned to coverage – Master of attacks can damage a horde of enemies at the same time, the skills of the beam can cause more trauma to rely on the more recent enemy on the battlefield hesitant summoned by the Master of falling rock hit deflated. ….  Read More

Kehjistan Kingdom should be proud of the city

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As the World Trade Center, that held most Kehjistan Kingdom should be proud of the city. Compared with Viz-jun and flourished after Kurast that held in the size and although favorably, but she does not be seen as the center of the empire. However, that held for homeland people prefer she now look. Even if ….  Read More

Diablo 3 monster dark believers

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That morning, when you see the bloody wave knife stuck in the door, I will know that those fanatics have been found. A few months ago, I inadvertently encountered them, After that a scene has been tortured mind me, anyway lingering. And now, they already know who I am. It was a dark was pitch-dark ….  Read More