Auriel – Archangel of Hope

No angel in the High Heavens is loved more than Auriel. She leads the sweet chorus of the High Heavens. She is lighthearted and sees potential for good in all beings.

Auriel doesn’t shy away from conflict. She understands that this is the broken nature of the universe. She once helped breach the walls of the Pandemonium Fortress.

Auriel believes that defeat in battle does not mean loss. She believes in the promise of healing and an opportunity for a positive change. She has been the one to calm Imperius and Tyrael during heated conversations. She carries the incredible powers of patience and benevolence inside of her. During heated arguments, she sometimes drapes Al’maiesh, the Cord of Hope, around her comrades’ shoulders to grant them clarity of thought and emotion. This Cord of Hope is the manifestation of Auriel’s positive qualities. It is pulsating with glowing runes from end to end and heals those it touches. It is also used to burn down demons with righteous fire.

Auriel spends much of her times in the tranquil Gardens of Hope where, at all times, an uplifting choir rings throughout the gardens.

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