NBA 2K20 Rating: Harrell Is 1 Point Lower Than Kuzma

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2K Games has announced more NBA 2K ratings, let’s take a look at the Los Angeles Clippers Montrezl Harrell.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell isn’t too happy that he’s been rated lower than Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma. When Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints twitter that Harrell’s 83 rating is one point lower than Kuz, the Clipper’s big man responded and said it’s an “F*****g joke”.

No denying that Harrell had the edge. Although Kuzma averaged more points, Harrell averaged more rebounds, steals, and blocks while having a better field goal percentage. He also played more games in just the regular season alone, and he had fewer turnovers. It also should be mentioned that He was also a Sixth Man of the Year candidate.

As all die-hard 2k supporters know, ratings aren’t just based on overall performance in matches, the game creators also rate things like quickness, speed, strength, vertical, potential, offensive, and defensive awareness, hustle and a lot more. Harrell and Kuzma were both great last season, but the former can actually make a case that he should have had a higher rating than the latter.

By the end of the season, Harrell is in sixth place, but he is huge pieces for the Clippers surprising surge into the playoffs and competitive series against a mostly-healthy Warriors team.

Harrell was second on the team in total minutes played, second in per 36 minutes and per 100 possessions statistics, second in advanced analytics, second in field goal percentage, and third on the team in offensive plus/ minus statistics.

Harrell figures to vie for a starting spot in 2019-20 and could be a huge factor on a squad that should be in the top three favorites to win the NBA title.

Harrell has never shot below 61.5% from the field in his four career seasons and is coming off a career-best 16.6 points per game while starting only five of the 82 games he played in for the Clippers. He’s shooting 73.4% at the rim over his four-year career from less than three feet.

The Lakers and Clippers as of now have a characteristic contention because of the two groups sharing Los Angeles, the two establishments additionally included some exceptionally skilled players, for example, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Anthony Davis. This little online skirmish of Harrell and Kuzma might just add more fuel to the fire that will light up the rivalry between the Clippers and the Lakers next season.

This may look petty for some, but Harrell will now have an extra motivation next season. Harrell probably won’t be the starter at center, but he is the best center on the Clippers and often is their finisher in the middle. He’s one of the most energizing and efficient players in the league.

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