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Diablo 3 Guide: The Secrets of Monk Build

You all know that skills Breath of Heaven and Blinding Flash take important roles in most skill builds. The reasons are not the superficial of blinding and heal function. There are more hidden in the skill. This time we would talk about the two main skills for Monk.

Blinding Flash- Faith in the Light: When you encounter Champions or the tricky Molten monsters, this skill would give you an upper hand at first for 3 seconds. With the additional damage rune, the damage you give to the monsters is supposed to be more than the sheet damage. For example, my sheet damage is only 61024.35, when I use the Faith in the Light, the damage is 91054.58. This is totally 30% of additional damage. But when you use Breath of Heaven, would it be just plus relations or just times relations?

Breath of Heaven- Blazing Wrath: This skill not only heals you and allies but give you additional damage for 45 seconds as well.

When I stand still, and use both these skills, the sheet damage is 104712.77. It is the total of the 30% damage+ 15% damage of Blazing Wrath. And when you use the skill Mantra of Conviction, the damage taken can be 113115.63. For the first seconds, the damage can be higher. As you can see that, the damage a Monk can give is not only limited to the sheet damage. It can be increased as almost 90% in sheet. If you use the damage taken skills like Wave of Light and Seven- Sided Strike, the damage you can give is more than you can imagine.

Only when you have a better understanding of each skill and runes can you create the builds that suits you best. Builds have a great relation with the items you chosen. But attack speed is never a old fashion choice for a Monk. When you choose items, always keep the attack speed in mind. We have a lot of items for sale as well.

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