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Diablo 3 Hardcore Guide

Are you a Diablo 3 bad ass? Then prove it!

Hardcore mode is the biggest challenge in the game as of right now, because of the simple fact that death is permanent! You may think that Hardcore mode has some added modifiers like extra drops, but in reality it doesn’t. So why would anyone in their right mind risk building a character just to loose it permanently?

I’ll tell you why:
    The rush! You can’t really beat the feeling knowing that any mistake could cost you your character.
    Team spirit! Coordination becomes a lot more important in Hardcore mode, as a mistake from 1 player can cause the rest to die.
    Ego factor! Nothing screams gosu like finishing Hardcore mode (and yes, it has been done already).

So what tips can good old EasyDiablo3 give you? Besides all the other things that apply to softcore (builds, gear, etc), here are some Hardcore specific tips:
Easy does it!

Don’t even think about rushing in Hardcore mode. All your fights should be pre-planned, and advancement into the following difficulties will require that you outlevel or outgear the monsters (where possible).

Friends to Die For!

Never ever play Hardcore mode using the matchmaker. Always make sure you have a pre-arranged team of players that you know are good at the game. You can easily form parties using the forums, especially now that you can look at each player’s profile to check his gear. Make sure you have at least one tank in the party too!

Play in Stable Conditions

Interruptions and Hardcore mode don’t mix very well. Don’t end up like these guys by making sure things like cats, wives, etc are out of the way.

No Achievements

Besides the Hardcore-only achievements, you should not attempt any of the others. If you want to get achievements do it in softcore mode.


Before moving on make sure you all your cooldowns have reset. You never know when you might come across an elite pack, and a little patience can mean life or death for your character. On a side note, spells like Spirit Walk are not for faster traveling!

I Choose You, Templar!

With skills like Heal (Heals you or the Templar for 2030), Charge (Charges the target for 150% extra damage and stunning all enemies within 15 yards), and Guardian (When you are at low health the Templar will charge enemies near you, damaging then for 300% weapon damage and stunning them for 5 seconds. The Templar also heals you for 1218 – 1624 Life, and grant you 59 Life regeneration for 15 seconds), the Templar should be the obvious choice for Hardcore mode.

A Strong Defense is the best Offense!

This applies to softcore too, but I should mention it again just in case. Vitality and Resist All will be your best friend in Hardcore mode!

Know Your Weakness!

If your particular build or class is weak to a certain Elite affix combination, back away and try to move around them. In most cases this can be done by outrunning the monsters but in other cases you will have to leave the game and a start a new one.

10 Second Delay!

When in a sticky situation and you feel compelled to just exit the game, remember that there is now a 10 second delay unlike in Diablo 2.Oh, and if you want to feel better about doing Hardcore mode, be grateful that Blizzard has fixed the “New Tristram Murder” exploit where players would gather a bunch of elites near the waypoint, hide in the inn, then wait for players to join the game and die.

To greatly increase your odds at surviving Hardcore mode, I suggest one of the guides showcased in our Diablo 3 Guides page.

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