Diablo 3

The RMAH Ruins The Fun in Diablo 3

I have never liked the idea of purchasing digital items for real money, but dude, this Manticore was just waiting for me. It’s like one of those moments everyone is talking about – love at first sight. This love had a price though. £35. Yes… I spent £35 for a digital crossbow, and yes, I feel naughty.

However, before I bought it, I was planning to use it for a while and then sell it for like 60 euros and make a profit. Now here’s the sad part. The Manticore gave me a decent damage boost, but suddenly after five minutes of using it, the whole game lost its value for me. It was a really weird feeling, as if the the addictive hooks had just been removed. I felt bad for inserting real cash to purchase an item that I did not deserve because I didn’t obtain it “the real way”. It’s a sweet crossbow and I will probably never find or be able to purchase a better one for gold, but I just could not enjoy its awesomeness knowing I got it through an outside source.

Now i’m back to using my previous crossbow, while the Manticore is up on the RMAH for £60. I will never use the RMAH to purchase items again. I believe selling is okay, though.

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