Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Players Discontent about Accounts Blocked with The Use of BUG

We all know that Diablo 3, there have been a lot of brush golds or other BUG problem, a considerable part of the Blizzard repair, but repair at the same time, many players also use BUG Blizzard titles, we listen to players’voice on the BUG title.

Many network system vulnerabilities, and smaller loopholes and will not interfere with the game itself, some vulnerability will cause the game to lose balance when this happens, some players will take the opportunity to brush equipment and gold coins. The manufacturer’s final approach is usually the title, confiscations, punitive measures to deal with the player. Manufacturers up to a letter of apology will muddle through. System vulnerabilities, this is the game makers of technical problems, make the punishment when a problem occurs, but only for Jianlou players. the usual official means, what is carried out to protect the interests of players? Or violation of the rights and interests of the players?

The sound of the players:

A: Well I play the game sealed the past, because the use of some bug in the game to brush a bit of experience. That I remember to seal lot. Some are permanent ban seal my own number more than a month. This matter, I think the developers deal with the disgusting, the imperfections of their own game, BUG brush experience such a thing is too arbitrary way of dealing with a blanket, completely without regard to the title of the players pay how much effort and money. Individuals feel it is rather chilling, both sides have some responsibility, I think the greater responsibility of the operator.

B: This system vulnerabilities errors vendors own cause, and the players do not have any relationship, why should the players title? When the players a lot of energy and time and cost invested in this game, the manufacturers tell the player will be the title really confused and grievances, but what else? Complaint or a request for compensation? End only in various forums and games, swear, to no avail. They still hope that manufacturers found loopholes error is to be able to recover in time not to make everyone criticize the things.

C: in the game will occasionally encounter BUG, I also encountered this situation. If the vendor does not repair, we are Whether intentionally or not, should not the title? Because, after all, the game system vulnerability is the primary responsibility of the players are just Jianlou only. Why does the final punishment is indeed the player? Manufacturers themselves, is not it also should be reviewed under its own technical problems. Even if the punishment should only use BUG proceeds confiscated but there is no need to title it.

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