Diablo 3

Diablo III has an interesting system in place

Throughout the following Witch Doctor Leveling Build, we will take a look at the best leveling spells and abilities to choose during the early stages of cheap diablo 3 gold. Summon Zombie Dogs is the first Command ability you’ll be pickup up. This skill summons three dogs that do 9% of your weapon damage to enemies every time they attack. This may not seem like much damage, but remember that each dog is doing 9% for a total of 27% Ultimately, it’s a pretty substantial damage boost only costing 295 mana.

This skill allows you to rush forward, knocking back enemies in your path and inflicting 190% weapon damage. It also generates 15 fury and is on a 10 second cool down. Furious Charge paired up with the Crimson rune stone will increase the damage at the destination that you choose for 445% of your weapon damage. The first out of the two AOE abilities I picked up for this build. Deals 260% weapon damage to all targets within 9 yards. One good thing to note about this skill is that whenever you hit a critical with this skill, your cool down of 15 seconds is reset. To exploit this, take the Crimson rune stone to increase your critical hit chance by 16% for 4 seconds whenever the spell is active.

If you are dedicated to power leveling as fast as you can, you may also want to consider building your class focused on getting experience bonus. What I mean by this is getting skill sets that is focused on sustaining and getting combos to kill lots of enemies quickly. This guide is created from insider buy cheap diablo 3 gold strategies and advanced techniques that the pros used to power level all of their characters to level 60 fast. Not only will you learn how to power level your character.

but you will also learn exactly how to get millions of gold, how to create the perfect build for any situation, dominate PVP and get legendary equipment. These events revolve around killing multiple enemies or objects at once with a single attack or in a short time frame. These experience bonuses vary depending on how many enemies you kill, which means that the more enemies you kill at one time, the more EXP bonus you will get.

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