Diablo 3

Diablo 3 players to enjoy equipment system

Diablo 3 is just the past six months, the future of the road is very long, if according to the present model go down, in the future?We assume that may be happened, when PVP occurs, those from the release will join the fight and continues players should have very close to the top level.

and in PVP blizzard will again bring new concept level, you need to win in the battle to constantly improve your combat ratings.If you to diablo three interested, and now to ravel whether the original problem, can choose the micro end download, that it only takes a few seconds can safe use. Here are some skills about Diablo 3 gold game knowledge and skill set.

1. Skills change:
A. according to S open skill page, drag skill to shortcuts can be.
B. the right click skill bar can be directly open the current put skill page
2. Key Settings:
A.The game press the ESC into the set – key setting, can be skills shortcut key change, first in situ attack to blank key/left ALT key, so that hand is not to twist.
3. Pick up take Settings:
A. the game press the ESC into the set – key setting, will be key function to open/close.
B. in the game screen will display the ground objects press open, again into the set of keys, will originally display items cancel button (with “a” function keys to replace, again will be “a” function change back to the original key) so that it can keep the ground items in the game show.
C. “suggestion” body have a pickup distance equipment this picture will not be too disorderly and convenient to eat blood/pick up money.
4. Warehouse graphic:
A.The game picture click warehouse, three page grid click can change the graphic.
5. Examine salesroom items can increase their ability:
A.In the salesroom to purchase the goods can increase their abilities?
Sometimes buy back but DPS or blood volume decline.
B. first in the salesroom picture press SHIFT key to click on the items to send out A dialogue.
C. into games left key click have selected items can know the equipment after the change.
D. Examine first deputy hold ALT key then click click on the items that can be equipped have change. (dw is applicable)
6. Equipment purchase guidelines:
A.1 force = 1 armor, 10 wisdom = 1 resistance, sensitive = dodge
If you have any other small knowledge, perfect the parties please add further consolidation.

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