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Blizzard has addressed the service outage that affected some players last night. The issue should be fixed, however if the issues remain check the links provided in the blue post.Please do not worry about the disconnection. Enjoy the Diablo 3 gold and buy the rare items. Blizzard will try its best to help us!

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They have even the launch the requirements of returning the screen to the Gothic dark style of the petition signature campaign which posted in the official website forum. Blizzard announced new cute logo of Diablo 3 gold, Blizzard community manager Bashiok even personally PS a rainbow unicorn the screenshots of the game  as a response for this.

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The AlexInSixty who is the YouTube user uploaded a very amazing video aboard. It is allegedly about hidden Diablo 3 Whimsyshire where thers is a rainbow and clouds hanging. The Whimsyshire has the monster such as the unicorn which is one of the good god beasts in the Western literature, teddy bears, sprouting things. It is a beautiful, colorful and even some fairy tale of artistic conception place.

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the Diablo 3 has the hidden level and the method of into the rainbow off into. Blizzard like make the rumors changes to become the color egg into the game. The cows off the rumors in Diablo really panned out in Diablo .  At the beginning of Diablo 3 released, the die-hard fans are extremely unhappy brighter picture.

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