Diablo 3

Diablo’s secret:Diablo 3 sale is coming!

Good luck and stay tuned!

Blizzard recently announced that Diablo 3 has begun! At the beginning most of the beta testers will be friends and family of Blizzard employees but soon more people will be able to access it. Stay tuned for more updates and meanwhile don’t forget to change your beta settings by going to your blizzard account, login and then on the right menu click beta profile settings.There you will be able to download the profiler and after you run it, Blizzard will know that you are interested in beta participation and your system specs in order for you to have a chance to be included in the beta!

Diablo’s 3 main focus is to instill terror to all those around him. He is calm, cunning, and patient.His weapons include fear, shock, and hopelessness. One of this greatest powers is to cast his influence into his victims minds, using their own fears against them.

Diablo 3  sees his victims as projects, and takes great pleasure in terrorizing them overtime. Unlike Mephisto, who loves to conquest, Diablo 3 feeds on the terror and fear he instills into his victims; even more so than pain.

Diablo 3 resides in one of the most unpopulated areas of hell. This part of hell is so treacherous, only a few demons can withstand its unrelenting torment. This Realm of Terror is desolate, filled with horrific scenes of darkness, madness, horror, and utter despair.

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