Diablo 3

Blizzard workers knew that Diablo 3 would be very popular

With regards to the launch of Diablo 3, most players would complain a lot of things. For instance, the access keys were not sufficient for players to join the game. The copies were lack of quantities at release. There were too many bad things taking place during the launch of gaming. Why did all that bad things happen?

Generally speaking, it is due to the always-on DRM that made the launch be a mess. If only Blizzard workers knew that Diablo 3 would be very popular, they would have made things with some difference. CEO of Blizzard mentioned this aspect. They didn’t admit that it was the always-on DRM seriously loaded them out of much admiration and reliability offered that the main reason which made players couldn’t enjoy the game. This happened to even in single-player. They just pulled the prevalence card.

Why the DRM is always-on needed? In fact, it is tied to the servers of Blizzard. No matter when players want to play Diablo 3, Blizzard has got their hands clinching your balls all the time. Most gamers think the DRM measures are ridiculous. It resulted in the mess of the poor launch. It was not because of the shortage of the copies that made the bad release.

I think the Blizzard team should think about more things than the problem of capacity. The game did not pan out at launch. Players were all frustrated at that time. The connection of servers was really poor. The fact of the damage to the game really hurt many players. No matter what situation the game is, new patches are the hope of Diablo 3. If you are expecting the new patch, you should get rich cheap Diablo 3 gold.

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