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Diablo 3 Best Class To Farm Gold

The Diablo 3 farming facts begs the questions, What’s the best
class to farm gold after geared ? what class is best for
farming gold in diablo 3? Unfortunately, the answers are not
simple ones. However, based on a few available facts, we can
make a few guesses as to which classes will be ideal for
farming diablo 3 gold.The Demon Hunter is a flexible class. As
you progress you unlock mobility tools, snares, traps, health
regen & companions – a real swiss army knife of utility. Most
of this isn’t needed on normal if you’re just gearing for DPS
but let’s back up and analyse the all important question
again: What’s the best class for farming D3? where are we
talking about farming?

If you must farm solo, I suggest using a Wizard or Demon
Hunter, as they will allow you to keep enemies at bay. The
Wizard has some great AoE attacks, but make sure if you are
fighting bosses to have some good single target attacks as
One of the best scenarios for farming in Diablo 3 Inferno may
be a strong Melee Barbarian and Monk with a ranged character
such as the Demon Hunter or Wizard that is stacked with Magic
Find. In addition, the Witch Doctor offers good debuffs such as
Hex and Confusion to enemies and buffs to other members of the
party like Big Bad Voodoo. This might be ideal if stacked MF
causes a decrease in DPS which is quite possible based on a few
things I’ve read from Blizzard.

The Barbarian I think makes the best class to farm gold after
geared in diablo 3 because you are able to do a ton of AoE
damage as a Barbarian and still get good damage mitigation.
This means that you will be able to take a few hits in Act 1 of
Inferno mode but will still be able to clear fast enough to
collect large piles of gold, gems, and the crafting materials
you need in order to make good money.While the Wizard and Witch
Doctor are good classes, I am not sure if I can consider them
near the top of the list for the best farming classes. The
Wizard is definitely good at farming but it cannot take as many
hits as the Barbarian and it can be hard to avoid damage from
Rare packs in Inferno mode due to all of the prefixes that
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