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The future trend of the system change items added

Blizzard’s game designer Travis Day recently published with Cheap Diablo 3 Gold¬†an article about diablo iii game changes the future trend of the article, which mentioned the game in the future or join a lot of interesting and powerful new conversion. This paper is on the items system part of the footnote.

This is a great and constructive post, it brings a lot of good ideas and meaningful point of view. The problem is that we items every day in the topic of discussion, we will discuss the current state of articles, of which we hope, and how to realize. The future (items) changes including changes some conversion, can at least allow some players to these changes are happy. This is a good example, that is pickup radius to the witch doctor.

Of course not everyone wants the equipment you have a lot of pick-up radius, but will also have some of the style of witch doctor will like it, and I hope radius the bigger the better, and we hope to further expand the idea. Thorns are attribute in a good example, Buy gold,it is a core has great potential properties, but in reality is not very obvious. Although we plan to improve thorns for players to the role of primary attribute can increase the damage, when at the same time we also have other plans, can further help those special thorns role and play.

We also plan to increase specific skills and conversion and spell damage conversion. This emerging more full of fun and play with all kinds of, at the same time also for players to have another way to raise their favourite skills. For example, medicine before use zombie dogs minus CD items to summon zombie dogs and sacrifice, the combination of the wall minus CD items with dead rune giant tower, reduce the cost of items such as the ancestors with hammer. We like to see these add some Diablo 3 gold, and I hope by expanding the conversion so that more game emerged.

We want to make you feel more powerful, but more important, we hope players feel items can change the rules of the game. We hope players will be able to play to the items, then feel “wow! I want to try to this article make a dozen” or “I le a go, I want to practice a monk to play this items”. Improve the diablo items game overall, for us is very important, this is also the focus on the development team, because this to you is also important things.

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