Diablo 3

I Tell you what Linux operating systems can play Diablo

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If you are a Linux user, then you can not play Diablo 3, if you have already purchased a Blizzard game, and found that playing can not you cup. Of course, you can choose to continue to protest, but then will not have any effect, you will not get any compensation, nor change your operating system can not play Gold to broken fact.

Prohibit the use of auction houses; prohibition and with the team to participate in activities other than the person transactions; prohibit transactions between their own role; only team and other participants in the activities;Gold can only be between himself or his teammates; can eat blood cells prohibition of the use of purple gems; can use affixes “blood cell therapeutic amount of increase prohibit back to the village to find treatment; prohibit the use of physical fitness items; prohibit the use of hit back to the blood properties;

Prohibit use kill the blood back property; prohibit the use of vampire attributes ; prohibit use life recovery properties; prohibit use consumption of refined or consumption anger blood back property; prohibit use potions; all occupations disable all provided back to the blood, blood-sucking effects of skills; mercenaries disable blood back skills; expert mode limited; use of mercenaries, the same rules ; only by the game trading; maximum value of life can not be more than the role of the basis of the value of life; the craftsmen prohibited forging recipe Acquisition goods, unless it is obtained by the pure doctrine roles.

Increase the experience value acquisition speed altar in purgatory difficulty? No, these altars were excluded. For a variety of reasons, we do not want to let these altar regression. Part of the reason is that we do not want to do too much change immediately. However we do in Chennai non-day system to increase experience and earn rewards Cheap Diablo 3 Gold. So now you get a layer of Chennai non-days, you will have 15% of the experience to get the increase and can be stacked five layers. Therefore, in these places, we placed a lot of rewards, we just add these awards to Chennai non days in order to enhance the system.

The same lot of players on this issue, there will be misunderstanding, that is not a function of the software caused the seal, rather than the entire software. Here, first of all, please refer to the above information, and any use of plug-account will result in permanent ban. The reason some use do not rule out there may be slipping through the net No title account, you need to tell us about buy Diablo 3 Gold network management.

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