Diablo 3

In the futures, we can enjoy the Diablo 3 with better skills

Currently, a player posted a topic about “How to equalize all classes’ skill wise” on the forum. Let’s check his suggestions here:

1. Create PATH system: you have to choose from 4 passives from your PATHS you have chosen and get bonuses for each additional passive chosen from that PATH e.g you have 3 PATHs for Barbarian namely GUARDIAN,BERSERKER,RAGE : GUARDIAN have passive skill sets that primarily boosts defense, BERSERKER boost DPS and RAGE boost Fury Generation.

2. Change most of our base skills to the most commonly used rune on that skill and change the rune system to ENHANCEMENT system whereby your paragon levels gives you points to allocate to MINOR additions on the skill.

3. Each class should have their own nephalem transformation like Barbs have Wrath of the Berserker and Wizards have Archon that operate in similar fashion providing CC immunity and all round buffs for a limited time. Those UBER skills should be independent of our six skills slot.Blizzard should focus on build design instead of skill design. Builds are primarily defined by SYNERGISTIC skills that PROMOTE the chief damage skill

4. Increase our six skills slot to eight to enable more engaging gameplay through multiple skills. Currently when I choose a buff skill like Warcry it prevents me from getting a more engaging skill like Ground Stomp which has CC that allows me to control the battlefield.
Do you agree the ideas above? What do you think about them?

In the futures, we can enjoy the Diablo 3 gold with better skills. Just wait and enjoy the game! Hunt down bosses and get rare rewords!

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