Diablo 3

Following from the 1.08 patch the PTR testing service

Following from the 1.08 patch the PTR testing service, for the time being I do not know whether changes in the official service real equipment, all subject to the official service on the line after the game.

1.08 patch on the PTR server line, players were happy to discover the above experience Niefaleimu the courage plus incentives the multiplication role in the way the monster strength the basis of experience. Diablo 3 Gold. The following figure is a screenshot of the purgatory 10 monster strength, we can see that 10 strength experience bonus is 510% when with a layer Niefaleimu Yong, experience reward has been more than 600%, stack of at least five layers of experience rewards reached 967.1%!

I am now PTR server test, to found each floor Niefaleimu the courage multiplication acting on the basis of rewarding experience.

Intentionally set to do this? If so, that’s great. High monster strength, players should stack courage of then painted of experience.

By the way, one, I now enjoy in the 10 intensity 11% experience bonus, I feel too cool!
Confirmation: This is exactly what we expected!

We know that a lot of players like Skip elite high monster strength to fight mobs. Although it is an option, but we hope that the elite can become more attractive. Seems that this approach applies to all the monsters strength. Please tell us about your thoughts and feelings.

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