Diablo 3

Do you think it’s easy Get Banned Buying Diablo Gold?

This is probably the hottest topic in the diablo 3 community today. This question needs to be addressed properly because the precious diablo 3 account is at stake.

There is no such thing as buying diablo 3 gold with 100% safety, however, you can get away with it without being banned, but that’s just luck Blizzard can track the gold, so if it goes like farmer – mule – you, they can still see who got it in the end.

Blizzard fraud employees can check your character’s transactions, mails, trades and purchases, and if your account is flagged they will continue to monitor the chain to enable mass-banning at set times. If you have any question with your diablo 3 order process or your diablo 3 game guide, you can contact them via live-chat or you can visit their website for free diablo 3 guide at anytime.They are online to serve for you 24*7 everyday. You will release all you doubt one minute you contacted them.

To give players who are planning to buy d3 gold a breath of air, there is still a chance that blizzard will not find out that you are buying gold.

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