Diablo 3

Best Place To Farm Gold In Diablo 3

What’s the best place to farm gold in diablo 3 ? Although there are several really good locations in the gold guide and also easily found with Google, no one seems to be talking about how you are supposed to be farming in the first place.

There is a post out where someone found a good spot in ACT II I believe and you can farm a gold chest with a rare boss by a checkpoint and you can just keep logging at the same point and continue looting. Do it quick before blizzard hot fixes it!

The best place to farm gold in Diablo 3 is act 2 on the black soul-stone mission. If you have gold finding gear or gold find skills, you should use them here. Basically, in the room right before the 1st boss, there are tons of little mobs that die very easily and drop lots of gold. There are a ton of them so you can kill them easily to collect gold.The gold stacks in nightmare are several times larger than those in normal, and Hell is even larger than nightmare.

Farming places like cathedral level 4 or the shadow realm or even the sin heart circle levels are good for gold farming purely for the high number and concentration of mobs.

After killing the boss, you go to Caldeum where you save a bunch of prisoners who drop tons of gold once you get them to the sewer. Again, gold find gear and skills help a lot. Finally, if you are able, kill Belial for some loot.

Another good place is the first boss in act 4. Again, tons of little mobs pop up and die easily while dropping gold. Act 4 inferno is very hard so I would start with the act 2 area first.

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