Diablo 3

Do you think Diablo 3 Is A MMO Game

Is diablo 3 a mmorpg? Recently, the discussion of “is Diablo 3 an MMO?” appeared at the Upcoming online games page. It’s an old topic but I’m surprised that players are still debating on that. Let’s see how players talk about this first.

Diablo is not an MMO.I dunno why some people even call it like that. If there is 5 palyers max thats multiplayer not MMO. IF its MMO then neverwinter nights, game of thrones-strategy and almost every other RPG that have multyplayer mode and there is 90% RPG with those mode are MMO’s.

MMORPG. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. Is D3 Massively Multiplayer? No, hundreds of people cannot play together. They can wait in a lobby and then a few can play together at a time, that is not an MMO. That is no more an MMO than GW1 was. Just like GW1, that does NOT mean it’s a bad game.

Online multiplayer function supports a couple of people in the same spot mainly 2 -23 players! an massive multiplayer Diablo 3 Gold online game suport hundreds and thousands of players at the same time in the same spot! Singleplayer games that have online function are singleplayer games not mmo becouse it has a stand alone element! mmo’s are not singleplayer games becouse most of the mmo’s out there are party dependable!

Diablo 3, as I see it, is being treated more like an MMORPG. So the key point that makes players think Diablo 3 isn’t an MMO is it doesn’t allow hundreds of players to play together. I guess most of you simply won’t consider Diablo 3 an MMO because it’s not listed as “MMO” at the official site or any other gaming website, and it doesn’t like the massive multi-player online games we play.

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