Diablo 3

An Economical Turbulence for Diablo III

The main difference is that MMORPG economies are not completely free and is at the mercy of game developers. MMO gamers had high hopes for a solid hard economic system for Blizzard’s Cheap Diablo 3 Gold
which was completely full-filled with a real money auction house system. Now with patch 1.0.5 around the corner, there are doubts that the initial strong economy design will remain as such.

What patch 1.0.5 ultimately brings is a change in the supply of legendary items. As obviously stated, this clearly disrupts the scarcity system of the game. Legendary items are much sought after which results in higher prices. Gamers who truly wants to own legendary items, fight to save up for their ultimate purchase. With patch 1.0.5 making legendary items more easy to come by, what we can expect is a huge drop in prices according to the demand and supply mechanism. An increase in supply means the item is no longer rare or considered a luxury item. As there are more competitors selling the same item, prices will inevitably drop.

Ironically, MMO games more frequently sees inflation due to the increasing supply of gold in the market system as gamers progress their avatar (in-game character) through the levels. With the release of patch 1.0.5, Diablo 3 may in fact experience a deflation rather than an inflation. Of-course, bartering and trading is still prevalent in MMO gaming. For players that strongly values this money system, as soon as legendary items become more common, the opposite inflationary effect would be experienced.

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