Diablo 3

Weakening In The Life Hidden Purpose Behind Stealing

Indeed, improving the entertainment brush map seemingly very important, but I’m not very cold, according to our dear Wyatt Cheng said: Let the players have to choose tactics and will not affect your fast-paced way mowing.

Mowing style fighting how the? Happy mowing is the essence of ah ~ Diablo

Cut off the blood back from an injury mechanisms mechanisms linear income, balance affixes value!

Many people know that three attack damage linearly related equipment systems for hazards: lead three attack affixes overvalued! Similarly, linked together with three attack is life steal! Enjoy life steal damage output because of the addition, which makes life much higher than the value of the stolen lives of other means of recovering the players choose to return to the blood means when stealing has become the first choice of life, it becomes a form of “four attack “, four linear correlation affixes mutual benefits, far more than other affixes income!

Further, dig out deep-step reason: Blizzard does not want everyone is rounder! Because “four attack”, the vampire attack with three hooks is everyone became rounder: Skills to survive, but also output. Although all soldiers good, but beneath diversity. This will be reflected in the following two reasons.

Pave the way for the PVP

This is probably the main reason for it? Now back to the blood in the mechanism, the balance is interesting PVP does not exist! First because everyone is rounder, funny exquisite teamwork is not needed, we are open enough horsepower output equipment to determine compete. Second, the spike everywhere.

Division of roles differentiation, multiplayer games real rise

Blood back mechanism is probably the biggest beneficiary multiplayer game! Because life steal weakened, the player is no longer all-powerful warrior, from the original 1 +1 +1 = 3, becomes 0.5 +0.5 +0.5> 3, players need to meet the players in multiplayer games start different roles, their clear division of labor began, more treatment, tanks will appear. DPS, treatment, tanks this classic triangle may be in a multiplayer game came back? I think we will mix more and more with the team, the more BUILD mechanism will change with the return of blood which have sprung up!

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