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Diablo III dev diary delves into the history of Westmarch

Diablo III’s upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion will take players to a number of new locales across the world of Sanctum, such as the kingdom of Westmarch, the subject of Blizzard’s latest dev post on the game’s official site. Long-time Diablo fans probably know Westmarch best as the home of the Knights of Westmarch, the order from which Diablo II’s Paladin hails, but there is much more to the realm’s deep lore.
Westmarch’s history is one — as is expected in the Diablo universe — steeped in blood and conquest. The kingdom was founded by the Zakarum zealot Rakkis after a crusade that drove him across the Twin Seas and over the bodies of legions of conquered foes, but there is a second, “secret” history to this place. Near Westmarch is a “sprawl of fetid marshes,” littered with the ruins of an ancient Nephalem civilization said to hold the power to ward against angels and demons alike. It was to these ruins that the now-mortal Tyrael took the Black Soulstone, and it was there that the former archangel Malthael, at that point neither angel nor demon, stole the Black Soulstone from its hiding place. And that, of course, is where the tale of Reaper of Souls begins. If you’re a lore junkie looking for all the details, check out the full post on Diablo III’s official site.

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