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Now you’re ready to take on Odeg. Port to the Fields of Misery and hunt him down. He’s probably the easiest of all the key wardens, just watch out for his Molten and Jailor affixes. The only time you might die is when a random tree enters the fray. Avoid the poison clouds at all costs. Sokahr the Keywarden drops the Key of Hate. He is found in the Dahlgur Oasis, which is an enormous map located in the middle of Act II. Make sure you are wearing two pieces of 12 percent movement speed gear before even attempting to find him. But first, we’ll need some stacks of NV. Select the Lord of Lies quest and port to the Desolate Sands. We’re looking for the Vault of the Assassin, which is an underground lair simply loaded with elite packs. Once inside, farming five stacks will be a breeze. Not it’s time to tackle the Oasis.

The good news is that once you have the plans, you’ll never have to bother with Nekarat again. The Key of Destruction is dropped by Odeg the Key warden in Act I. He’s located in the Fields of Misery, which is a sprawling open area riddled with enemies. We prepare tons of Diablo 3 Gold for your game need, and you don’t worry about the price. First, take the waypoint to The Festering Woods. You’ll likely find 1 to 2 elites and possibly an event in this small area. Be sure to visit the Crypt of the Ancients and Warrior’s Rest, as they each inhabit one guaranteed elite each. If you’re short a stack, port to Leoric’s Manor and fight your way outside. There’s almost always an elite hanging around.

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If you do not have five stacks by then, don’t worry about it. Port back to town and take the waypoint to the Crystal Colonnade. From there, travel to the Silver Spire Level 1. There you will find Nekarat the Key warden and a slew of elite mobs. If you still need a stack or two of Nephalem Valor but run into Nekarat first, run away and seek out an elite mob. Thankfully, Key wardens will not pursue you very far. Nekarat can be tricky. He has a strong fire attack and a healing debuff that can cause headaches for characters that rely too heavily on life regeneration. Once downed, he has a chance to drop the plans. This percentage chance is based on your Monster Power level. At MP0 you have a 5 percent chance for the plans to drop, this goes up to 10 percent at MP1, 20 at MP2, all the way up to 100 percent at MP10.

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