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Crafting Gems: A Very Easy and Safe Way to Make Much More Diablo3 Gold

Diablo3 gold

Diablo3 gold

I hear that a lot of people have issues with making money on the game. Frequently asking how people make millions/billions and have no idea how. I’ve met people who have played the game for 100-200 hours and barely have 1m gold. So, I’m here to give a few tips on how to get a decent amount of gold to get you started and most of the techniques will lead to millions/billions of gold. Technically they all do, but most are much slower than others.

Crafting Gems: A Very Easy and Safe Way to Make Much More Gold
A much easier and faster way to make gold in Diablo 3 is by crafting gems. When deciding on what gem type to use, you can use the gem calculator mentioned in the video guide. This will tell you if a certain craft is profitable enough before you spend the money on the gems and tomes.

The best part about crafting gems is that it not only provides gold at a faster rate than the average person can farm, but it also can be done while away from the keyboard. You can set up an hour or so worth of crafting and go do something else, returning to the computer to several million gold in profit!

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