6 Ways to Earn ArcheAge Gold

There are many ways to make ArcheAge gold fast and safe in the ArcheAge online game. Now, we would share the 6 main ways are popular to make money, to help you along your way.

Complete Quests
Indeed, monetary rewards for individual quests aren’t very large, yet they can still be a decent source of income, particularly early in the game when launching other ventures needs capital. Besides, when killing monsters to complete quests, they might drop a Coinpurse, which contains silvers and in some cases some valuable crafting materials that can be sold on the auction hall.

Cultivation and Farming
Among the various crafting skills in ArcheAge, cultivation is one which can help you earn some money. You can “cultivate” a diversity of animals, such as sheep, cattle, poultry, etc., attending to each animal’s particular requirements and harvest time. Moreover, each product you sell has its specific cost; therefore some will earn you more than others. For people who don’t want to farm themselves, they’ll pay a premium for these items at auction.

Planting different plants and fruits is another way of earning money in ArcheAge. Each product has its particular harvest time, and you can sell what you harvest to NPC’s, or you can for sell the lumber to other players seeking to make boats. Yet, this activity might require some initial investment in seeds or seedlings.

Another easy way to get some money is fishing. Preparing a rod isn’t hard, and you can make one in the crafting station. Then, you just need to get some earthworms, which you can gather when planting crops, and go to the sea to fish. If you became a fishing fan, you can also build a boat, although that might be pricey, and exposes you to pirates and thieves.

Trade Packs
Trade Packs are the best way to get gold in ArcheAge. When reaching level 10, quests become available, and allow you to create and deliver trade packs. Some specialties are specific from a certain region, and you can deliver Trade Packs to Gold Traders on your continent. The only rule is that you cannot deliver the specialties in the region where they were crafted. The further the region you sell your Trade Pack, the more money you get. ArcheAge has been created with the trade pack system at its core, and unsurprisingly, they’re one of the best ways to make money in the game.

Thievery and Piracy
And of course, if you don’t fancy working for your gold, you can always go around stealing property from other players. Some illegal farms are unprotected, and players can loot them. Moreover, these players can attack others carrying a trade pack in the PvP zones or at sea. Yet, this activity is a bit risky, as thieves and pirates should be ready to be put on trial and spend time in jail, if they get caught. Small price to pay however for the thrill of the hunt, and free goods.

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