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Establish a FIFA15 Ultimate Team mode

If you want to build a team in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode, you should be similar with the chemistry which is the necessary factor to enhance team power. No matter the player’s personal chemistry or the team’s chemistry, they all affect your team’s performance. Therefore, to own a perfect chemistry team is very important in FUT 15.

How to increase the chemistry? There are three factors you should take consideration.



1. You should put the player’s position correctly.

Position values
· Wrong Position (GK @ ST) = – 4
· Unrelated Position (LM @ LF) = 0
· Related Position (CM @ CDM) = 2
· Correct Position (CB @ CB) = 3

2.The relationship between players.
Link values between FUT Player
Nation = 1
League = 1
Club = 1

3. Manager Chemistry
Manager and loyalty bonuses are still present.
Manager Bonus = +1 individual chemistry for matching player league or nation with manager.
Loyalty Bonus = +1 individual chemistry for packed players, or players with 10+ games played.
Formula to calculate in-game chemistry: (Individual Chemistry * 0.75) + ((Team Chemistry/10) * 0.25))

This first step is vital if you’re playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as a squad with 100% chemistry rating means that all your players will perform better on the pitch and this only means great things all-round.
In-game chemistry is based on a weighted average of individual and team chemistry, with the weighting 75%-25% respectively. Therefore (and as an example), a player on 10 individual and 100 team chemistry will receive a greater boost from chemistry than the same player on 10 individual and 70 team chemistry.

When your squad is normal, you can get goal through defensive and back fight. As long as you own great defensive ability and chemistry that you can win! To fight back we need a efficient and fast striker.

If you like to attack, you can choose 3-5-2 formation which make you get goal crazy.While, when you are attacking, you should have strong defender ability and the midfielder has a strong control ability so that opponent can’t get chance to strike back.
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