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How to Earn More FIFA 16 Coins


How to farm extra coins in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team by completing Manager Tasks, trading, and coin boosters.

Earning coins in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is of paramount importance since they ensure the sustainability of your team.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins Farming Tips

Most FUT players make the mistake of jumping right into the game after opening up their starter pack. This is not recommended since you cannot hope to sustain your team in the long run and eventually halt your progress.

This guide details a few methods that you can use to earn coins fast in the game.

How to Earn Coins Early

In order to do so, you need to participate in offline tournaments against the CPU. You need to use the Season Mode which will let you earn coins each time you rise in the ladder.

However, before you start the tournament, pay close attention to tournament conditions. There are a few special tournaments which are only available to bronze, silver, or gold teams.

These tournaments offer huge rewards in terms of coins which you will be able to use to buy better players for your team.

Moreover, check out our FIFA 16 – Best Cheap Players guide which will help you get going with these tournaments.

Completing Manager Tasks

There are a total of 18 Manager Tasks in the game. These tasks are essentially designed to provide players a better understanding of the game and reward them with a free gold pack upon completion.

This gold pack contains 10 gold and a rare item. And although you will not be able to trade these items in the Transfer Market, you may get something of your choice and save some coins for other chores.

Since these tasks basically revolve around managing your team and only take a couple of hours to complete, you should definitely complete them.

You can also check out our Manager Tasks Walkthrough guide for more information about each task in the game.

Buy Coins Boosters from the Market

One sure way of earning some extra coins on the side is to buy coin boosters from the EASFC Catalogue. With the booster activated, you will be able to earn bonus coins for winning and participating in the matches.

Also note that the effects of the boost will continue to serve until the booster is expired.


Trading is one of the most important aspects of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team experience. It does not matter whether you have 200 coins or 200,000 coins, you should never stop trading in the game.

The essence of trading is that you need to buy at cheap prices and sell at higher prices. In addition to this, you need to ensure that you visit the market in the morning which will ensure that there are fewer bidders on the market.

You can check out my Best Trading Methods guide for more information on how to trade in the game.

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