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Blade & Soul Players Voice:Don’t let bots ruin your fun in the game!

Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NCSOFT.As the game become popular,there were some problems occured.And some players say that don’t let bots ruin your fun in the game!

Some players think that people exaggerate bots a bit as if having bots completely ruins the gameplay. but that is not case. while something certainly should be done against the bot problem, you still get a full free to play game with amazing features and a very fun fighting system.

The good parts of this game by far overwhelm the bot problem! having a bot problem is not even close to be enough to “completely ruin the game”.

Also some players think that in PVE bot’s don’t really matter that much, their damage is mostly felt in the economy, and BNS has many gold inputs in its daily quest so the average player can still buy what it needs to equip their character.In PVP, though, BNS is based in two basic features: A strong dueling system and action combat.They think such as balde and soul power leveling is also a wrong way to play the game .

Bots simply destroy the arena for the average low skilled player. Sure, farming destroyers for dailies can be convenient, but the fact you have to spend hours grinding bots so you can start to learn how to properly face human opponents is a very serious problem. In higher leagues it becomes a different nuisance since bots simply cheat their way into victory.

Skilled PVPers may argue that bots don’t really matter since you grind your mmr up to a point where you don’t face them anymore. The thing is that there are some player that won’t be able to easely beat the bots or won’t have patiente to do it. MMR generates a pyramid of players based on their skill level and, while being at the top is prestigious and something all strive to be, from a business standpoint, the base of the pyramid is where the profits are… bots attack exactly that base leading players away from the game.

BNS has made a big investment on its PVP. To the point where it bolster a world championship and strive to be an e-sport. Bots ruinning the arena experience and making the MMR / tier system irrelevant are a danger to the very viability of the game in the medium term.

If bots aren’t removed from arenas Blade and Soul will have to rely only on its PVE content and this is a competitive market in which it may not suceed. Maybe bots aren’t bothering all players individual experiences, but BNS eventually losing developments funds because of bad market perfomance will.

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