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Blade & Soul Guide: How do you beat Blade Dancers as a Summoner?

Recently I saw some players have some problems with Blade Dancers as a Summoner.Here it’s my own views and wish it’s helpful fou you.

Diamond Sum checking in here.

1. Buy or farm Rumblebees. This will make fights against BD, DE, KFM significantly easier. You’ll use the third tree from the left. It’s a dot that pierces parry and defense. Buying more Blade and Soul gold to promote your equipment is necessary. Stay in stealth, cast rumblebees on CD.

2. Make sure your cat is always at your side and always crouching as much as possible. Only let your kitty up if you’re going to use its abilities and go on offense. If your cat gets caught they can 100-0 it before you have a chance to react.

3. Put three points in backstep and DO NOT WASTE IT. Only use backstep if he starts to ani-cancel you.

4. Spec grasping roots into the third tree. You do NOT want to use snares against a BD. If they spin free of a snare it actually regens their focus, so prevent that by removing your snare in the first place.

5. Try to always fight on your terms, try to always fight inside petal storm or briar patch as you will be doing the most damage and have the best defense here as well.

6. If he’s running from you, chase him. When a BD starts spinning away and running it’s because he wants more time for his CD’s to come back up. Do not give him that chance, chase and be aggressive.

7. Spec V into surprise gift and ONLY use it defensively. Be ultra careful when it goes on CD. This is your “oh shit” button. It pierces defense and deflect and can save your life. Always keep at least one of your CC available at all times. Never blow both of them.

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