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What You Need To Know About Escaping PK In Albion Online

The world of Albion Online forces you to farmer. But it does not tell you if you absolutely must farmer resources. Indeed, some pick fiber, others, PK, pick the pickers. Albion Online’s food chain is already in place. This guide is dedicated to all harvest-type people who do not want to become the stuffing turkey. Once you have completed this guide, you will be putting into practice wise advice that will surely allow you to escape these players of very little virtue!


About PK

The first thing to do when playing cat and mouse is to understand how and why the cat works. In yellow area, you will have no problem outside Hell Gates. However to farmer T6 and more you will have to penetrate in areas red or black; Areas where death is waiting for you! You must absolutely put yourself in the shoes of your enemy in order to see what you would do in his place and, as a result, you will easily avoid everything he will do against you.

First, there are three types of stuff in Albion: fabric, leather and flat. They are arranged in ascending order of resistance. Thus, if the PK want to hit weak targets: they will firstly be interested in people in harvesting stuff as in fighting stuff, tissue collectors as harvesters of stones or minerals.

Then, on the maps, areas are much more prolific in resources, some of which are much more profitable thanks to an overabundance in a specific resource notified by a logo on this area. The PK will naturally go farmer harvesters preferentially in this zone.

Finally, do not farme during rush hour. The more you are, the more they will be able to steal you from the feathers. Not attracting attention is the best thing to do to not get picked! And then, outside these hours, there will be more resources for you and you alone!


Reaction To PK

Your behavior must be able to adapt to the PK. The PK, or killers players, are players specialized in tracking and assassinating harvesters. Like a predator and its prey, you will not have many choices to escape it: you will have to kill it or run away.

First, a PK is equipped accordingly. When he leaves town, he has everything planned to decimate you. Therefore, facing a PK will rarely prove to your advantage. This is something I can not advise you too much. In fact, you expose yourself to several dangers:

  • If the fight turns to his advantage, you might die while you might have fled.
  • A PK rarely turns alone. The honor in the wild PVP does not exist: they can be several and they will be in general. One PK will surely be joined by another very quickly.
  • Putting you into combat will prevent you from changing zones. Thus, the escape will no longer be possible.

Then, if you decide to fight, you will have to prepare to take advantage. In general, you will be stuffy collector and you will be running. It may be that you are quickly joined by monsters also wanting to strike at your life. As a collector, you have on your head equipment a spell that allows you to become invisible and let go of your monsters. If the other person has had the misfortune to hit them, it will fully take over the agro and the course of the match could well be reversed! (Attention this practice is risky and will not work against several enemies)

If you decide to flee, head for the nearest exit. Needless to advise you an itinerary, you need to spot where you should go! Indeed, the first thing to do is to know the terrain better than your enemy. He will initially want to dismantle you horse: no need to take a path sowed with animals contributing to his success! One last thing: even to slow it down or discourage it, do not hit it. Otherwise you will not be able to leave the area.

Then, which method would you like to choose? Focus on for more Albion Online tips, guides and even albion online gold.

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