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What Skills Was Changed In PoE 3.2

In Path of Exile, most collectors of path of exile currency may know, the Bestiary Challenge League has been arrived yesterday. In order to let everyone know PoE 3.2 better, the following content is the overview of Skill Balance PoE 3.2.

1. The following Trap skills have had their base duration lowered to 4 seconds (from 16): Fire Trap, Ice Trap, Lightning Trap, Vaal Lightning Trap, Trap Support. Each of these traps will now trigger at the end of its duration.

2. The following Trap skills have had their base duration lowered to 8 seconds (from 16): Bear Trap, Conversion Trap.

Path of Exile

3. Minion damage has been adjusted, and all minion types (except Raging Spirits) will now attack more quickly, but deal less base damage. This also fixes a long-standing issue where added damage would only apply in-part to most minions, so many minions will also get up to 50% more damage from sources of added damage. Sources of increased attack speed for your minions will now be correctly multiplicative with their base attack speed.

4. The Slam skill used by Raised Zombies can no longer be evaded.

5. Volley and Projectiles Nova now interact by creating projectile sources to either side of the player based on the number of projectiles, dividing those projectiles among those sources, and then each of those sources firing their projectiles in a nova.

6. Shrapnel Shot now converts 50% of Physical Damage to Lightning Damage (up from 40%).

7. Herald of Ash now also provides more Spell Fire Damage, and can trigger the overkill burn from spells.

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