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Path Of Exile: International Race Event This Weekend

Tencent, who publishes Path of Exile in mainland China, is hosting an event this weekend where five players from Path of Exile’s international servers and five players from their Chinese servers will go head-to-head in two ultimate race events to win cash prizes and limited edition Kitava Statues made by Weta Workshop!

There are two events happening. In the first event, all ten players will compete in a 1 hour and 15 minute race to defeat Piety in Act Three. The top five from this event will move onto the final where they’ll compete to defeat Kitava in Act 5 in a 2 hour and 15 minute race.

Path of Exile

It sounds interesting. To find out more details about the game, you can visit Path of Exile official website to see. Now let’s take a look at the view of collectors of poe currency:

1. When a race is more exciting than the entirety of the current league.

2. Awesome and I like Bestiary. Played since Nemesis. The elder shaper items was a bug, but besides that I think it’s cool to have a 6link and helm enchant dupe recipe.

3. When are you going to make the “1000 hours” league? It will put in every game-breaking bug into one league and let players go HAM.

4. Need to put some stream rewards on for watching the guys. Maybe some 6 link Astral Plates?

5. Wow, good player choices overall.

6. Interesting! Remember, RaizQT can capture beasts with REGULAR nets in a Summoner build. People who say Summoners can’t capture without Necromancy Nets are LIARS.

7. Oh god, please someone record it and put on YouTube, please, please, please!

It seems that many players are still looking forward to the race events this week, me too, I hope this race events arrives sooner.

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