Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Coming Soon

After Pokemon GO also Square Enix takes the field by announcing his personal reinterpretation, which is called Final Fantasy XIV Online GO. It is an app that allows us to explore the surrounding world in search of Eorzea resources, as well as giving us the opportunity to fish. With the exclusive Final Fantasy accessory XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick your phone will turn into a pickaxe, a fishing rod or a botanist’s ax. Below is the statement by Haimirich Fischer, vice president of innovation at Square Enix:

We want to give a sense of freedom. We want to make sure that over 10 million players can gather resources where and when they want, without the restrictions of their PCs or their consoles. FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO creates this freedom by connecting the physical to the digital world, and at the same time promotes social interactions between members of our fantastic community.

If it may seem strange to use your phone as a fishing rod and throw it into the water, or use it as a pickaxe by destroying it in a thousand pieces, remember that today is April 1 and that Square Enix has seized the ball. For any other news on the world of video games and not, continue to follow us on medias. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is an important part of the game. Without these currencies, you won’t be able to realize success in the game.

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