Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov: The Definitive Guide For Maps

Escape from Tarkov is a deep game using a complex in-game economy, sophisticated gear program, and hardcore gameplay. Quite a few interface components familiar to Fortnite and Call of Duty players are missing right here. A big forest plantation around the outskirts of Tarkov or narrow corridors on the laboratory complex – before going on a raid, it is best to prepare gear according to the landscape with the region and comprehend what you’ll face. We have prepared a definitive guide to Escape from Tarkov maps for beginners.

The maps in Escape from Tarkov are extraordinary and challenging, and it’ll take you thought to have to grips with all the things. Novices must learn to listen to their surroundings, interact with teammates, and, of course, navigate the terrain. Understanding the cards is critical in this game, so we’ve prepared a couple of suggestions for each single. Some locations are a lot more beginner-friendly than other folks. In this guide, we’ll walk using the fundamentals and inform you which places to enter to get started on the game and which locations to head to with self-confidence.

We’ve also published all of the maps available inside the game. In Tarkov, you could purchase precisely the same ones to have at hand generally, but bear in mind that you will not obtain any arrows with pointers on them. This guide will likely be updated as new areas are released.


At the time of this writing, seven distinct maps are available within the game, five a lot more are in development. There are several factors to remember before embarking on a raid:

  • You will not possess a mini-map – you will have to use a physical map for orientation on the terrain and select the path based on landmarks. If you have the opportunity, you can display the map on a separate monitor or another device to avoid distracting you.
  • Some maps are excellent for beginners, while others will seriously increase the threshold for getting into the game. You need to note, as an example, break into a spacious location in the event you usually are not confident that you can locate your way there.
  • The very best solution to get utilized to the map is always to start a bot game. Within this case, you might not lose gear, even if you are killed, but you shoot yourself, inspect the caches and keep in mind the essential objects.


The Factory is amongst the most miniature maps in Escape from Tarkov, but quite huge compared to a few other games. Owned by the private company, PMC Wano Outer Capital, Owned three exit points. To evacuate via the cellars and gate # 0, you’ll need particular keys.

Using a very dark map with many areas and rooms, you will have to fight close quarters when facing enemies. Events in the plant are developing rather vigorously, which can finish badly for the recruits—certainly one of the gaming cards where headphones come in handy.

Considering that the map is small, you should be extremely careful when firing – do not shoot unless required. The noise will spread throughout the location and give out your place. Retain your cool and do what you came for.


The customs property is significantly more significant than the Factory and is very densely constructed up. Here you’ll find warehouses, a river plus a bridge, quite a few buildings of two and three floors, gas stations, construction sites, and military checkpoints. There are lots of fascinating issues on this map, so the matches final substantially longer.

Customs is superior for newbies to get utilized to distinct types of gameplay, but it’s not hard to get lost here should you act at random. Try and commence by deciding on a precise area to discover and locate it on the map before moving on.

This location has eight exits for PMCs in addition to a massive quantity for the wild, so you don’t need to embark on a long journey with loot to arrive at the nearest one in particular. Yet another bonus – the majority of them usually do not need additional body movements. Only one exit is paid for operatives.

A risky boss will spawn around the territory of the gas station or inside the hostel – Four heavy guards, and in the checkpoint, you’ll find ordinarily rather a handful of wild ones wandering around.


The central region is occupied by a forest along with a vast coastal zone of Lake Dalene. Compared to customs, the forest is a relatively easy place, and matches on it last pretty a long time. You will discover several open fields and hills on the territory, a wild-beloved sawmill in addition to several secret bunkers scattered about the map.

Virtually all of the action here takes place outside the buildings, so the very best decision in the forest would be a weapon that hits at medium and extended distances. The map is replete with organic cover, but do not underestimate the sniper skills. Be exceptionally careful in open spaces, avoid if probable.

PMC has seven evacuation points on this map, but a number of them aren’t open to everybody. So, to utilize the southern exit, you will have to pay numerous thousand rubles. For the evacuation, using the Kabaniy fang, you’ll need an ice ax in addition to a paracord.


So far, this is one of the most significant maps in the Escape from Tarkov game, situated on the seashore. Regardless of the truth that there is much time for research, appear at your watch – it might take place that you need to cover a long distance to escape, and an awkward rush can easily attract enemies.

The card has a rather exclusive style and dense content. There’s a town, a compact sunken village, a massive pier, a radio station, and also a relatively spacious sanatorium that could turn out to be a separate map – it can be so big.

The place has only five free evacuation points, which isn’t that substantial, offered its size. Hence, attempt to speedily orient yourself whenever you seem and discover the location close to the exit. The beach is fantastic for beginners trying to find resources.


A large-scale map for fights inside the construction consists of a purchasing center – a considerable three-story complicated using a massive number of shops inside. For those who want to stay clear of shootouts in confined spaces, roads about the structure, underground parking, and a go-kart track have already been implemented.

Behind the buying center, there is a thermal energy plant that powers the complex. Applying energy will let access to several locked rooms, but will also activate alarms in some stores that will be disabled manually.

The interchange is fantastic for gunfights, but beginners are quickly disoriented. To proficiently raid here, you’ll have to closely study the entire map, the location of valuable objects, and places exactly where other players are much more common.

An additional unpleasant moment – the operatives have only three exits here, and the wild ones have two, which makes it straightforward to stumble upon an ambush during a late evacuation.


The laboratory can be a massive underground complex positioned under the incredibly center of Tarkov. As outlined by unconfirmed reports, that is where Terra Group Labs performed its secret high-tech research.

The map is filled having a significant amount with the most precious loot, but insurance doesn’t work right here – in case of death, all the fighter’s gear will disappear together with him. Due to the abundance of corridors and rooms, players will have to prepare for skirmishes at medium and close range.

There are seven evacuation points from this region but remember – any time you attempt to get out through a hangar or parking lot inside the complicated, an alert program is triggered. Extremely generous with valuable things and an incredibly unsafe card.


A different medium-sized map with a lot of both open spaces and structures of various scales. If you’re excellent at fighting at medium to extended range, this can be a terrific place to begin.

It truly is best to act carefully – You will find enough shelters around the map, try to hide, and monitor the opponent’s movements. Wait for them to start shooting, don’t make too much noise. The location includes a large number of provisions, sources, and medicines.

Many points for evacuation are offered for PMCs; to exit from some, specific conditions will need to be met. For example, evacuation through a sewer hatch will be achievable only if you don’t have a backpack, and an armored train arriving at a repair depot stands to get an extended time before departure.

In the vastness of your Net, you will find several Tarkov Resources with interactive maps, because of which it is possible to navigate the keys and evacuation regions. But even with these, points look very distinct when playing in 1st particular person. Discover the locations by yourself and uncover personal routes that should enable you to escape from Tarkov proficiently.