Best SF in MYTEAM – NBA 2K23

The S6 season continues, and 2K has released many new player cards. With the increase of player cards, the best SF cards must be re-ranked. Since the game has so many SF cards, only S-level player cards are listed here.

Best SF Lists
Bol Bol – 99 OVR – PF/SF

Kevin Garnett – 99 OVR – SG/SF

At 6-foot-11 with a 7-foot-2 wingspan, the man is an absolute beast on the defensive end, with 98 blocks, 98 interior defense, and 95 steel, 95 perimeters, making him a super sports car with great speed and excellent athletic ability. He earned nearly every Hall of Fame badge in the game, and then also his jump shot with the lamella ball base is a super good jump shot on very quick timing, and he’s also got a solid triple six for a small four, so just all around pretty much the perfect small forward.

Andrei Kirilenko – 98 OVR – SF/PF

Andrei Kirilenko is not only an elite defender, but he also gives you an additional source of offense with a better jump shot and off the dribble.

Dave Cowens – 99 OVR – PF/SF

Bill Russell – 99 OVR – SF/PF

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