Destiny 2: Season Of The Wish Guides, Season Pass Gear, Exotics

Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2: Season of the Wish.

Season of the Wish Guides

Be careful what you wish for, because a reality-warping dragon might twist your words and give you more than what you bargained for. That’s the general warning when dealing with Ahamkara, paracausal beings that have a habit of picking up on the desires of individuals and monkey-pawing their wants into twisted forms of wish fulfillment. The return of the Ahamkara in Destiny 2 wraps up a story thread that has been around for years now and was hinted at in Forsaken’s Last Wish raid.

Season of the Wish seasonal Activity

This season’s new matchmade activity is Riven’s Lair, a new arena full of Hive and Scorn who are looking to impede your progress. A little bit of Exotic firepower should help solve that small hurdle.

Season of the Wish Legendary-class Weapons

Supercluster – Strand shotgun
Scatter Signal – Strand fusion rifle
Appetence – Stasis trace rifle
Scalar Potential – Arc pulse rifle
Lethophobia – Void bow
Doomed Petitioner – Void linear fusion rifle

Season of the Wish seasonal Challenges

Like in previous seasons, you’ll be able to challenge yourself with extra tasks that offer some great rewards. Typically, there are around 10 weeks of seasonal challenges to pursue at your leisure, and completing all of them will reward you with a massive pile of Bright Dust.

Season of the Wish Exotic weapon: Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath is the season pass Exotic for Destiny 2: Season of the Wish, and is a returning Exotic from the original Destiny. However, Dragon’s Breath’s perks barely reflect the weapon it once was.

In Destiny 2, Dragon’s Breath’s Exotic trait is Composite Propellant, which causes rockets to embed themselves in targets and periodically eject incendiary fuel that inflicts Scorch. The longer you go without firing Dragon’s Breath, the more fuel its next rocket will contain. Its Exotic perk is High Octane, which causes you to regain some fuel when igniting a target and causes Dragon’s Breath to reload itself from reserves once it reaches max fuel. This is an interesting new direction for Dragon’s Breath, as it seems to be good at both killing big bosses and burning up any minions around them.

Free Season Pass rewards

Rank 7 — Bright engram
Rank 13 — Bright engram
Rank 17 — Bright engram
Rank 20 — Scalar Potential (Legendary-class pulse rifle)
Rank 23 — Bright engram
Rank 27 — Bright engram
Rank 30 — Appetance (Legendary-class trace rifle)
Rank 33 — Bright engram
Rank 35 — Dragon’s Breath (Exotic rocket launcher)
Rank 37 — Bright engram
Rank 43 — Bright engram
Rank 45 — Exotic engram
Rank 47 — Bright engram
Rank 53 — Bright engram
Rank 55 — Exotic Cipher
Rank 57 — Deepsight Harmonizer
Rank 63 — Bright engram
Rank 65 — Exotic engram
Rank 67 — Bright engram
Rank 73 — Bright engram
Rank 77 — Deepsight Harmonizer
Rank 83 — Bright engram
Rank 87 — Bright engram
Rank 93 — Deepsight Harmonizer
Rank 97 — Bright engram
Rank 100 — 2,000 Bright Dust (Another currency, just as important as Destiny 2 Silver)

Premium Season Pass rewards

Rank 1 — Dragon’s Breath (Exotic rocket launcher)
Rank 6 — Valor at Dusk shader
Rank 10 — Censered finisher
Rank 13 — Wish engram
Rank 25 — Exotic engram
Rank 30 — Nostos (Exotic Sparrow)
Rank 35 — Wish engram
Rank 40 — Dreamweaver shader
Rank 41 — Wish engram
Rank 47 — Deepsight Harmonizer
Rank 50 — Anthemic Invocation (Exotic Ghost shell)
Rank 55 — Wish engram
Rank 57 — Season of the Wish gauntlets
Rank 59 — Exotic engram
Rank 60 — Season of the Wish leg armor
Rank 62 — Deespight Harmonizer
Rank 64 — Season of the Wish gauntlet ornament
Rank 65 — Exotic engram
Rank 67 — Season of the Wish Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloak
Rank 73 — Season of the Wish leg armor ornament
Rank 77 — Season of the Wish chest armor
Rank 79 — Exotic engram
Rank 80 — Luminous Vigil emote
Rank 83 — Season of the Wish Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloak ornament
Rank 84 — Deespight Harmonizer
Rank 85 — Ascendant shard
Rank 87 — Season of the Wish helmet
Rank 88 — Exotic engram
Rank 89 — Ascendant Alloy
Rank 90 — Ascendant Shard
Rank 91 — Season of the Wish chest armor ornament
Rank 94 — Ascendant shard
Rank 97 — Season of the Wish helmet ornament
Rank 98 — Exotic engram
Rank 99 — Dragon Summon (Exotic emote)
Rank 100 — Dying Dream (Dragon’s Breath weapon ornament)

The Dawning returns

Destiny 2’s festive Dawning event will be back on December 12. Eva Levante will once again ask Guardians to bake delicious treats to hand out to characters as part of the cozy winter celebrations, and you can expect a few festive challenges to be mixed in with this feel-good celebration.

Season Of The Wish Seasonal Artifact

The Queensfoil Censer is an interesting seasonal artifact with some potentially devastating combinations from its perks once they’ve all been unlocked. It has a focus on Solar, Strand, and Stasis subclasses, it gives anyone using a rocket launcher some nice perks, and there’s the usual assortment of anti-Champion mods available here.

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
Anti-Barrier SidearmFlame, Fiber, and FreezeCombines the Solar/Strand and Solar/Stasis Siphon mods into one.Flint StrikerRapid Solar weapons precision hits and rapid Solar weapon final blows grant Radiant.Unravelling OrbsPicking up an Orb of Power grants Strand weapons Unraveling Rounds.Horde ShuttleDamaging unraveled targets with a weapon occasionally spawns a Threadling.
Unstoppable Hand CannonKindling TriggerRadiant causes Solar weapons to apply Scorch to unscorched combatants.TorchWhile radiant, deal increased weapon damage to combatants affected by Strand and Stasis debuffs.Pillar of IceKilling an encased combatant spawns Stasis crystals.Hail The StormShattering encased targets and Stasis crystals deals increased damage. Shattering a Stasis crystal releases shards of ice that damage and slow targets.
Unstoppable BowBlast RadiusRapid final blows with Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers grant Armor Charge.Heart of the FlameCasting your Solar Super grants nearby allies Radiant and increases the damage of your Super for each nearby ally.Revitalizing BlastCausing damage with a Solar ability weakens Champions and bosses for a short duration.Rays of PrecisionWhile radiant, Solar precision final blows cause combatants to ignite.
Overload Auto RiflesOrigin Perk Specialization IImproves the benefits provided by the Sundering, Nano-Munitions, and Nanotech Tracer Rocket Origin Traits. Additionally, weapons with these traits are always overcharged.Origin Perk Specialization IIImproves the benefits provided by the Noble Deeds, Unsated Hunger, Head Rush, and Dragon’s Vengeance Origin Traits. Additionally, weapons with these traits are always overcharged.Overload Rocket LaunchersRocket Launchers are especially effective against Overload Champions.Solo OperativeWhile you are the only member of your fireteam, you deal increased damage to all combatants.
Overload Pulse RifleFrom Whence You CameIncreases ability damage to Taken and Scorn combatants.Wished Into BeingWhile your Super is nearly fully charged, ability final blows spawn Orbs of Power. Wearing Season of the Wish armor decreases Super amount threshold.Dragon’s BiteBreaking a combatant’s shield with a Strand or Stasis weapon has a chance to suspend or freeze that combatant. Wearing Season of the Wish armor increases this chance.Argent OrdinanceFiring a Rocket Launcher consumes one stack of Armor Charge, granting increased damage and reload speed until you reload or stow your Rocket Launcher.