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Diablo 4: 7 Tips For Necromancer

Diablo 4 7 Tips For Necromancer

For those that want to wallow in the dark goth vibes of skeletons, the raised dead, and loads of blood all over the screen, then the Necromancer just might be the right choice for you in Diablo 4.

The Necromancer is kind of a mix between a caster and a melee attacker. They can raise powerful undead armies to fight for them while also wielding the powerful magics of Bone, Shadow, and Blood. In order to help you get a better experience of the fun of this profession, here are some tips for playing Necromancer below.

Use Skeletons To Tank

The Necromancer will need to do some kiting in general, but the Necromancer’s kit isn’t as set up for doing damage while moving. Ideally, the Necromancer should use the skeletons to tank enemies. This allows the Necromancer to set up their bigger spells like Corpse Explosion or Bone Storm. Between the three different types of skeletons, the added abilities in the skill tree, and the golem make for endless combinations for the Necromancer’s minions.

Use The Book of the Dead

As a Necromancer, one of your key game systems will unlock at level five: the Book of the Dead. Don’t neglect this important means of empowering and upgrading your minions. It gives the Necromancer a free ability in Raise Skeleton and players start with Skirmishers, which are all-around warriors, Defenders that have shields and higher defensive stats, and Reapers which are long-range mage skeletons. You will also have access to The Golem eventually. All minion groups can be built in different ways that complement the main build of the Necromancer.

Utilize Hemorrhage and Blood Mist

The Necromancer is well-built to handle endless waves of enemies because it can use the corpses generated by dead enemies to do more damage. However, when fighting a single boss, corpses and large numbers of dead enemies suddenly become scarce, and the Necromancer can struggle to stay alive and do DPS. A couple of helpful spells are Hemorrhage and Blood Mist. Hemorrhage will give the Necro direct healing during a fight and can set up strategic Blood Orbs. Blood Mist allows the Necro to avoid all damage and heal up before regaining their corporeal form.

Exploding Corpses

Corpse Explosion is an important Necromancer Skill in Diablo 4. Corpse Explosion allows Necromancers to detonate corpses, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies. No matter your intended build, having Corpse Explosion in your pocket is a great way to get through the levels of the game. Simply let a few enemy bodies stack up in a crowded fight and let loose the dynamite. The beauty of it is that once you kill another enemy with a corpse explosion, you can cast it again and again, making short work of crowds of enemies.

Avoid Bad Positioning

The Necromancer can build for defense or be a full glass-cannon damage dealer on the battlefield. However, despite your build, positioning in fights is a very important factor for winning. The Necro can get stuck in corners by enemies and, despite the best thorn-based builds, getting pounded by multiple enemies at once with no escape is not going to work out well. So, when crawling through demonic dungeons, always position with an escape route in mind.

Gear Strategy

Since the Necromancer is going to be rocking either a small army of minions or completely solo, a player’s build should bolster their ability selection whenever possible. In other words, a Bone build with high crit and curses should be looking for gear that will up their defenses with things like buffs to Thorns. e. Crowd Control and Corpse buffs, for instance, can be great early on to help level up fast. Item power should be considered over most minor stats, and don’t get attached to gear. Trying out different combos can make for surprising results and players should strive to have more than one set of gear and builds to choose between. If you don’t want to farm them yourself, you can buy D4 Items on U4gm with code “Mods” for 5% off, including weapons, gems, and more.

Don’t Fear The Respec

With the ability to save loadouts in Diablo 4, the Necromancer is especially one to benefit. Players should have at least 2 to 3 basic builds in their back pocket at all times because circumstances in the game will force you to respect your build. One of the most obvious ones is bosses. The Necromancer is amazing at taking on hordes of demons but a single big boss, like Tchort, will test that AOE build pretty quickly. So, to counter make sure to have a different build that you are comfortable with. Ones focused on Blood, Defender Skellies, or Shadow abilities can help the Necro’s survivability, for example.