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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Blinding Build in Monster Power Level 5

truggle under Monster Power Level 5, you should check this article. The theme of this Blinding Build is to blind the monsters always and kill them without fighting back time.

First, I would like to give a detail analysis of this skill build.

Fists of Thunder- Thunderclap will generate the spirit for your Monk. As Fists of Thunder are the quickest primary skills, it can generate more spirit.

Wave of Light- Blinding Light is the first key skill in this build. The damage would increase 390% weapon damage and is the perfect skill to kill monster under five in a line. Just one Wave of Light, you could kill them all in Monster Level 5. The Rune Blinding Light would stun enemies for 3 seconds and are the efficient skill to kill the Elites. This skill should combine with the passive skill Exalted Soul which would “increase your maximum spirit by 100 and increase Spirit Regeneration by 1 per second”. The reason for this combination is that the Wave of Light cost too much spirit and would cause the shortage of spirit. But with the Exalted Soul, this neck bottle would be addressed.

Blinding Flash- Faith in the Light is the second key skill in the build. When you encounter a pack of Elites, give the Wave of Light first. As soon as the monsters recover from the stun, give Blinding Flash and blind them again. Then give the Sweeping Wind to gain the Spirit. And then use the Serenity to immune all the damage. Blinding Flash should be ready now as its cooldown time is only 15 seconds. Then repeat this. Just about 4-5 rounds can kill the tricky Elites. Let alone the normal monsters.

Serenity- Ascension gives you the shield for all the damage especially the Frozen. Ascension should expand the valid time of this skill.

Below is the sheet figure of my Monk. Currently I can farm in the Monster Power 5 at ease. Now it’s your time to have this build a try. For Diablo 3 Guide, please visit our news part.

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