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Mephisto – The Lord of Hatred | Autobiography

Dul’Mephistos, also known as Mephisto, is the Lord of Hatred and the possible leader of hell. Mephisto is adept at playing his brothers, Diablo and Baal, against each other and yet he makes way for them to play at their ambitions which re-unifies the 3 brothers of Hell.

Mephisto’s greatest desires includ pitting entire societies against one another, thereby sowing discord and distrust at every opportunity. Mephisto loves Sanctuary as he has many human relationships that he can play on. This Lord of Hatred despises all beings, but loathes angels above all else. He has hopes of converting humans into followers in order to use them against the high heavens.

Mephisto may be the most successful of the 3 brothers, as hatred has shaped human society in all its ages.

Also, Mephisto is the father of the 2 demons Lucion and Lilith whom he also hates dearly. This is what cause Lilith to rebel and form an allegiance with the angel Inarius. Lilith formed this allegiance partly because of her father’s enmity toward the angels. Thus, it is ironic that her father’s hatred drove her to ultimately birth the race of nephalem.

The Lord of Hatred resides in a realm of hell that is full of demons conspiring to create factions based on competing ideologies. These factions are constantly competing with one another, shifting and reversing, all under Mephisto’s watchful eye. To his eternal joy, the scheming amongst factions often leads to all out, bloody warfare.

Mephisto’s realm is the capital of hell.

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