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Poll: How Do You Think About the Diablo 3 PVP Blog Delay

About a week ago, Jay Wilson gives a notice that the Diablo 3 PVP would come out soon. This has made majority D3 fans rather excited. But just yesterday, Jay Wilson give another twitter saying “I spoke too quickly when I said very soon. Some complications have risen and forced a delay”. How do you think about this, keep waiting, disappointed or just a promotion means?

Keep Waiting: This kind of attitude would always welcome the new decisions made by Blizzard. No matter when the D3 PVP comes out, you would always it is a brilliant project. Even if now a lot of players think Diablo III sucks, you still think that the pictures, music and story lines are of world class. You would always keep a positive attitude towards official decisions. Jut Looking Forward to the PVP as always.

Disappointed: When you expect a lot in the PVP, it really makes you disappointed to know that there would be a delay based on the unknown date “soon”. It is like you are in front a mist and now the mist becomes denser. You could not see the road of the D3 PVP. Jay Wilson should think first then post. He just can not imagine how many hearts would break when they know there would be a delay of the PVP Blog.

Promotion Means: You just do not care about the twitter news from Jay Wilson as it is just a promotion means. You have got quite accustomed to the advertisement of the movies. And game need advertisement as well. Only when the PVP Blog and PVP really be launched, then you would believe it.

Take this poll and share your other feelings at our SaleDiablo3 Facebook Page. It would be interesting to find how other players react about the latest news.

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