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Diablo III: One Billion Diablo 3 Gold for SaleDiablo3 Facebook Banner Contest

As Christmas is coming, we would like to hold a SaleDiablo3 Facebook Banner Contest. One Billion Diablo 3 Gold has been saved as the awards. Are you ready? The rules are as below:

1. Like our Facebook Page to take part in this contest. This is like enroll for this activity. Of course, if you become the member of our site, you could still get the 500K D3 gold if you message us at our Facebook page.

2. Upload your Banner. You do know that you could customaries your Banner, right? To make your banner unique, you could change the shape and the color.

3. Invite your friends to like your uploaded banner. The likes you receive for your banner would determine how much you would win. To prevent the malicious and unfair contest, we would count the likes from the facebook notifications. If your friend likes did not trigger the facebook notification, it is not a vote.

4. One player can only upload one banner. That’s why we demand you to like Salediablo3 facebook page.

5. There would be 20 winners. Rank one would win 300,000K D3 Gold with one player. Rank two would win 100,000K D3 Gold with two players. Rank three would win 50,000D3 Gold with five players. And the lucky price would be sent to 10 players with 25,000K D3 Gold. Now the 10 billion Diablo III Gold would distributed like this  1000M=300M+2*100M+5*50M+10*25M .

6. To get the prize, you should get at least 10 likes for your banner.

What are you waiting for now? Come and take part of our contest. It is easy to win the 300Million. Just upload your banner and invite your friends to like your picture at our page. You can upgrade your heroes to a higher level with the awards. This is more efficient than the farming.

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