Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Gold For Sale in D3 RMAH

Diablo 3 players can now buy and sell gold on the real money auction house as of July 12, 2012. After a brief down period on the United States servers this afternoon the option to post gold appeared in the RMAH UI.

In the screenshot you can see I posted 500,000 gold to see if it would sell.I believe like the other commodity auctions it is flawed in that you can not post a unit price below 0.25 cents but the total value must be at least $1 dollar. I understand the transaction fees the credit cards and what not but seems if we can have a total value minimum Blizzard could adjust to a minimum stack size or what not. The large stack of exquisite essence has not sold and expires in a few hours. I anticipate to receive them all back without a single sale in the RMAH. I did read through the Diablo 3 forums and a few D3 players state they sold essence but either they was extremely lucky or I call treasure goblin dung.

Blizzard is not an irresponsible company, took your money certainly make you think the value of this money, but money is owned by the money, wait and hope players can not use the money to buy it back. Supposed to be our experience in the official version of the game content but Blizzard amputated left to sell us the piece of information. Well, I’m looking forward to the next content.

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