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Discussions about Diablo 3 System Defects

Let us recall that under the D2 setting. Look affix D2, property distribution, for example, the whole anti-affixes Chromatic is 21-30% of the anti-whether you are an ordinary hat, or 80 elite clothes. I think this set is very reasonable. The weapon damage and armor Armor Item Level rise, the top 63 affix the equipment will still be the pursuit of the best and the best, but the 50-62 item level equipment will not be reduced to nothing. If we are lucky to get good affix combinations, or worthy of the equipment, and then wait for a better fall. Example, an 52 anti-80 + properties + on the shoulder of the physical, we can use it for some time very happy.

This design is completely flash in the pan with the D2, ethereal virtual items, virtual weapons, a top-level affixes may be the game after a few legendary weapon damage weapon. This is a very good balance of design, magic items can only have two affixes, so players can choose to have a more powerful two affixes blue equipment, or six good properties of gold items. Blue weapon such as a potential for harm is high, but he could not and gold weapons, also has a vampire suck the magic of the Vice property. So this set to give players a choice, also contributed to the equipment, a variety of good results.

Legendary items in D2, usually by owning a certain magic rare items can not have the effect, to capture the hearts of players. May be additional MF value, or special hit effect, or the use of magic. Diablo 3 part of the inheritance, but only some of its original equipment parts can not have affixes given to the legendary items, so the result is still very limited and boring.

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