Diablo 3

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Now register to be a membership ,you can get 100 points for free!You can use it when you place an order.

Here is the points Statement:

(1)How to get Points
A: You can get points when you buy gold products and complete payment on this website.
B: The corresponding points will be deducted once the order is cancelled or revoked.

(2) The terms for using points
A:Points can be used to purchase game gold products.Login on my account website.T then select the gold product that you want to buy( Buy Diablo 3 gold here ).Fill the points that you want to offset in the points discount blank when you make the new order. Finally you can get the corresponding amount discount.
B:Each consumption of 100$ will get 100 points;Points and the US dollars
C:You can enjoy the 50% value of the transaction amount discount when use the points for per new order. For example:you have 1000 points,and your place a $10 order, you can use 500 points at most for this order.
D:After the successful payment with the points, the corresponding points will be deducted.
E: If you violate the relevant agreement may deduct the corresponding points.
F:The point only applies to the terminal for individual consumer.it has the final interpretation right for the using of the points.
G: The corresponding points will be deducted once you put the points on on the order. No matter you have paid it or not.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to pay the order now. You can make the payment later. Please login to your account on our web then go to the Gold Order when you want to pay. You can find the unpaid order that you have not paid yet there. Just click the order and follow the instructions step by step. You will complete the payment soon.

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