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Diablo 3 gold farming tips for beginners (Nightmare level)

Diablo 3 gold farming and loot farming becomes the name-of-the-game by the time you get to Hell and Inferno, and gold is also an important resource during earlier difficulty settings as well. Different techniques for high-end gold accumulation seem to be continually changing, but at the moment there are a few staple methods that most players rely on to horde their wealth.

Where Gold Drops
Regular mobs, elites, chests, and selling vendor fodder are all ways to accumulate gold, and anybody who’s played the game for any period of time can see that gold drops just about everywhere. However, gold is often in very paltry sums, especially during Normal mode.

The most amount of gold appears on elite spawns, and in certain dungeons that are filled with chests. Knowing places where chests appear is a good way to discover your own Diablo 3 gold farming locations. The closer a gold-rich location is to a waypoint, the easier it is to sweep through, open the chests or the kill elites, and then teleport out and hit the next location.

What Difficulty?
To those thinking about farming Hell and Inferno because they have more quantities of gold, forget about it. These areas have way too much risk associated with them, and if you die and have to repair your equipment, you’ve just slowed down the entire gold farming process. The best difficulty to farm is Nightmare.

If you’re already at the end-game, it’s not a sin to swap out your current gear for cheap gold-find equipment if you’re playing in Nightmare, where everything will be considerably weaker than you anyway. As you progress in the game, you should be saving pieces of equipment with 15-17% gold find on them. Once you beat Inferno, you’ll undoubtedly have enough gear to get up to 200% gold-find.

It’s also important to look for gear that increases pickup radius, as well as movement speed. This drastically improves runs. Finally, make sure your follower also has plenty of gold-find gear.

Arreat Crater
One of the most common locations that players currently farm gold is Arreat Crater / Act 3. Players often enter Core of Arreat and teleport their way to level 1. Due to the close proximity of elites, and how it’s easy access from the WP, it’s possible to mass murder the elites surrounding the towers, enter the towers and clear them, and then TP out, sell the equipment and then repeat.

This is one suggestion. Find your own areas around Act 3 and 4 preferably. Look for where you can easily clear large amounts of elites, and quickly retreat to the vendor to sell your wares.

Captain Haille’s Supply Chest
Another popular location to farm is the supply chest. On Act 3, it’s a simple matter of running to the chest, opening it, and taking 500-1000 gold. For a savvy farmer, it’s possible to streamline this and do as many as 5 runs per minute., or more. For low-risk, but insanely tedious gold farming, this is the best option.

In Summary
Diablo 3 gold farming is a continually improving art, so get our Diablo 3 gold guide when you are ready to earn more.

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