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The MF Effects on Items of Diablo 3 and Diablo 3 Gold

1, the impact on the rate of abandonment section since Blizzard has raised the rate of material abandonment, there are many players have made a large number of experimental data of N (N > 100) Group of game of elite drops to a description that the impact of MF equipment drop rate. For example, he is an actor of the MF 190 in the A2, but lvl63 of its equipment yellow fall rate is about 2%, but Blizzard 1.0.3 update file, we can see that the rate of fall is lvl63 equipment to about 9% in the A2. Such a difference, so many players are perplexed, some said, lowering the MF, yellow lower equipment rates, even the players believe that the rate of abandonment for the FP article is simply unnecessary.

2, Impact on yellow equipment and legends according official data shows that in Inferno – A2, abandonment of post rate Lvl63 is 9.3%, point Lvl62 is 18.6%, Lvl61 is 23.3%. The data point, Blizzard has published data should be built on the 0MF. For example, he is an actor playing the diablo 3 gold Rainbow after a week, said the completely unnecessary FP and dress previously in Monster before dying, 0MF can still appear the legend now. However, some players said, after the port of MF and to little monsters are mainly yellow equipment.

To this end, is the MF with a yellow equipment and the legend a link? In response to these two categories of questions, think personally that MF of D2, the Blizzard interpretation refers to players who may appear more with the equipment of property, but does not specify the rare equipment, legend, or a planned equipment. And the FP did not fall affects all articles, i.e., if you killed a monster before elite, you can get an ilvl63 and one of the articles lvl61, whereas when you take MF 1000% to kill, it is the same thing in the same 2 articles, but you can improve the chances and the legend turns yellow buy d3 gold equipment and the legendIt is more noteworthy.

Yet once, Blizzard has not announced to us what is the probability of the equipment has become white, the yellow. However, we can know the Blizzard this probability is modified to play Diablo 3. In addition, we know lvl63 equipment yellow also has 5-6, General Acura ya 6 properties properties. Day of the rate of change of Blizzard, I do not know if you have not found that most of the items drop with 6 properties, but mostly 5 properties now. As a result, we have just learned that the MF to rate articles, and to only to improve the chances of the articles turned yellow or equipment of the legend.

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