Diablo 3

The Blizzard Is Plaining To Improve The Diablo 3 Legendary Equipment Attributes

About the diablo 3 equipment problems, although there are many problems, but the players are feel dicontent inthe game. While the blizzard can’t change it at one time, Bashiok  announce some information in blue stick, says they are plans to improve the properties of diablo 3 legend equipment.
The following is a blizzard blue posted content:

We are planning to improve the attributes of the legendary equipment, this would include some properties of modified, one of them would be to add some special properties. We will put you in future detailed information. it will change for the legendary equipment, we still consider and do not have any specific plans.

tHE Diablo 3 skill system can make you has manylots of different skills combination selection. You can use different skills to the game at any time. Our purpose is to encourage all kinds of different skills combination play, and add equipment to improve the attributes provide different skills. We also in order to provide more debugging game skill can combination. We improve equipment attributes in legend, before we consider what effects does the change will be coming out with skills.

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