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Updates for Member Activity to Win Free Diablo 3 Gold

If you have made orders at our store but never taken part in our member activities, you have lost many opportunities to win free Diablo III Gold in our store. The highest bonus is as high as 500 million D3 Gold which is given away at Thanksgiving Day. But it is not too late for you to read this passage. There is an updates at the member activity Wheel of Fortune which has been called patch 1.0.1. And of course, there are several changes in this updates. For more information, please visit the Activity page.

More Gold Winning Options: We have changed the CD key option into 5000K Diablo 3 Gold, 200000K into 20000K and 500000K into 10000K. We have decided to split the big award into smaller awards. Then there would be more players who have joined us winning.

Higher Winning Rate: The winning rate has doubled. As long as you stick to this activity, I believe eventually you would win something in our activity. Provided there are enough players caring about this activity, we would continue the work.

Tips for you to get additional Chance: Both your order number and the invitation code can take part in. But we only launch an invitation code at our facebook page. To get the additional invitation code, you need to do something. You should bring one of your D3 friends to like our facebook page and leave something about Diablo 3. Then message us privately on Facebook to get the invitation code.

Tips for you to get Higher winning rate: If you have several order number and invitation code, do not use them all at once. The winners would come out at an interval. So when you use one chance, wait 10 minutes or more, then use another.

Remember to share your good news at our facebook page. Your winning experience would cheer up other players who are still struggling. There is another YouTube Contest on the way as well. More surprises are in stock for you.

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