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Several Reasons for Barbarians becomes the Popular Profession in Diablo III

In addition to upgrade Paragon level, more and more Diablo III player has cost more time to pay attention on the upcoming PVP system. There are lots of probably will happen in the future, what is your most anticipated change? Recently, many players shared the view of D3 PVP with us. Different people has different ideal, welcome to our FACEBOOK page share your experience with us. We are glad to enjoy the discussion with players.
At present, Barbarian is the most popular profession because of the high DPS and efficiency. We have summarized several reasons for popular Barbarians.

1. Sprint and whirlwind increase the movement speed which would improve the efficiency of smashing monsters.
2. The battle rage and wrath of the berserker will offer the continuing Critical Damage. The rage recovered fast and the maximum damage.
3. Due to the damage and movement speed is the No.1 among professions, the efficiency of upgrading and farming gold is several times than other professions.
4.  The ranking of Paragon level has a major influence on player’s choice. For now, the barbarian has become one of the main professions in Diablo III.
5.  Traditionally, barbarians always the core profession in Diablo I and Diablo II.

While, what will happen in PVP system? Does Barbarian always the king in Diablo III? As we may think that the raging Barbarians encounter with long-distance Demon Hunter, who will be the winner? Before the release of PVP, we can have endless suppose. If you are the loyal fans of Barbarians, we are glad to give you several reasons why should we choose Barbarians in PVP.

1. As usual, there is need a leader in PVP. Barbarian is absolutely the leader in your team!
2. Barbarian has kinds of control skills. For example, wrath of the berserker which would protect you close to the range rivals fast. The War Cry can increase 20% Armor for all allies.
3. Strong survival ability. This is the most important thing in PVP. The Bloodthirst will transfer the damage as life.
4. High DPS. The Hammer of the Ancients + Thunder Strike would cause 325% weapon damage and stun enemies for 3 second. With the skill of Leap, will you scare of the long distance rivals?

All of these are predicted by our professional players. Thanks for your visiting!


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